No Coast Consulting

Connecting the strategic to the tactical.



"Working with Dr. Anderson was much more than your typical one-dimensional career counseling session, which usually ends with a mediocre resume resulting in a sub-par job.  Instead, Dr. Anderson took the time to truly learn about my attributes, and craft a career strategy to help make me as productive and successful as possible.  In addition, Dr. Anderson and his staff were up-to-date on the intricacies of online job searches, which resulted in more looks from hiring managers and a higher response rate from my search efforts.  This was critical because the online job search can sometimes be demoralizing.  However, with the tools Dr. Anderson provided me, I was more hopeful than ever my next career stop would be as exceptional as it could be.  Thank you for everything, Dr. Anderson!"  - Todd Schoenberger


"I have had the great fortune of utilizing No Coast Consulting personally and professionally, but have also seen Dr. Ryan Anderson in action with others – offering career advice, resume and cover letter assistance to students at Grandview University.  I’ve seen Ryan take an extraordinary level of  interest in helping these students find a clear and strategic path forward, helping them develop themselves and utilizing his own personal network to help them secure interviews, internships, jobs, or other beneficial connections.

As a friend and mentor, there are few people I have trusted as much with my personal career advice than Ryan.  One thing that sets him apart is his ability to listen and decipher what your core objectives, morals, and priorities are – even if you can’t determine them for yourself – and help you see how those things line up with the direction your headed and make the necessary changes to align you with where you want to be.   He does all of this without passing an ounce of judgement and while demonstrating a sincere interest in helping you achieve success.

On a local nonprofit board of directors, we brought No Coast Consulting in to help us revitalize a defunct 90 year old organization through a strategic planning session.  After performing a SWOT analysis and coaching each individual board member, we soon doubled our membership base and erased almost all of the organization’s debt – all with Ryan leading the way.   Ryan’s substantial network of peers, accompanied by his energy and tenacity for bettering the community, makes him an awesome choice for Business Planning and Strategic Planning services." - Larry Anderson   


"I've had the privilege of working with Dr. Ryan Anderson when making some of those tough transitional choices in my professional life. Ryan understands that passion and career have to align in order for success to happen. He listens, encourages reflection, and is adept at giving feedback that is valuable and timely. I would absolutely recommend No Coast Consulting to anyone looking to make their next move professionally!"  -  Jenna Scott


"As a marketing professional with a lot of freelance background my diverse experience within my industry became hard to quantify. Dr. Anderson has been instrumental in streamlining my skill set into marketable attributes to potential employers in the event that I pursue a full-time career with a company." - Yolandi Carrick